REFlex - RFID Real-Time Localization for Flexible Production Environments

The project investigates a localization system of passive RFID tags for an intelligent process control system. The real-time tracking of components, tools, and products is a key technology to optimize work flows, e.g. in flexible manufacturing. REFlex not only covers research of the localization system and modeling of flexible production environments: Ethical and social implications of the new technology (possible tracking of persons) are studied also.

The utilization of full automation is limited for flexible production. The flow of work is highly oriented towards the location and availability of components, tools, and products. In order to optimize work flows online, the project REFlex investigates an automatic localization system combined with an intelligent manufacturing system. To accomplish this, two technical main goals are formulated: The development of a wireless localization system and a functional demonstrator and the modeling and analysis of flexible production and logistic processes. Besides both technical goals REFlex will be complemented by a study of social and ethical issues.  



NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH Styria (Österreich)
Enso Detego GmbH (Österreich)
CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH (Österreich)
Technische Universität Wien, Institute of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Circuit Engineering (Österreich) (Coordinator)
Universität Wien, Institut für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung (Österreich)
Funding Program: 
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) - IKT der Zukunft
Research Area: 
2014 - 2017