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Dependable Wireless Communication and Localization

2016 — 2019
Lead Project of Graz University of Technology
  • Kay Roemer (Institute of Technical Informatics)
  • Wolfgang Boesch (Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering)
Research Areas

    Wireless communication and localization are key components of the envisioned “Internet-of-Things”. However, wireless technologies suffer from physical and man-made impairments, e.g., multipath propagation and interferences from competing transmissions, as well as from the effect of temperature variations and other environmental properties. This impairs the accuracy, latency, loss, and energy consumption of wireless services. Our key objective is to offer statistical guarantees on the reliability and availability of correct wireless localization and communication by automatically adapting system parameters using models of the transceiver hardware and the environment.

    This research is a subproject being conducted in the framework of the DependableThings program, the first “Lead Project” funded by Graz University of Technology, bringing together ten key researchers from two faculties of TU Graz. See also: Research Program: DependableThings