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COST 2103 - Advanced Voice Function Assessment

2006 — 2011
EU RTD Framework Programme
  • Department Of Phoniatrics, Speech And Swallowing, University Clinic Of Otorhinolaryngology, Graz
Research Areas

    The main objective of the Action is to combine previously unexploited techniques with new theoretical developments to improve the assessment of voice for as many European languages as possible, while acquiring in parallel data with a view to elaborating better voice production models.

    Progress in the clinical assessment and enhancement of voice quality requires the cooperation of speech processing engineers and laryngologists as well as phoniatricians. Specifically, this Action is a joint initiative of speech processing teams and the European Laryngological Research Group (ELRG).


    • Developing analysis algorithms that impact on speech processing applications and assessment of voice disorders
    • Making feasible cross-language (language independent) clinical voice assessment on connected speech, in order to evaluate and compare treatment outcomes
    • Applying computer modelling to voice disorders for better understanding pathogenesis of tissue reaction to phonotrauma
    • Improving voice and voice related life quality, particularly in occupational voice users (voice ergonomics) and in patients with substitution voices
    Related publications
    • Patent Hagmüller M. & Kubin G. (2010) Methode zur Trennung von Signalpfaden und Anwendung auf die Verbesserung von Sprache mit Elektro-Larynx.. [more info]
    • Doctoral Thesis Hagmüller M. (2009) Speech Enhancement for Disordered and Substitution Voices.. [more info]
    • Conference paper Hagmüller M. (2007) PITCH CONTOUR FROM FORMANTS FOR ALARYNGEAL SPEECH. in 5th International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (pp. 205-208). [more info]