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ASR for Telehealth Applications (COAST)

2008 — 2010
COAST - Kompetenznetzwerk für Sprachtechnologie
  • ZYDACRON Austria GmbH
  • Nuance Communications International (formerly known as Philips Speech Recognition Systems)
Research Areas

    Within this project the use of advanced speech recognition technology for telehealth or telecare applications is evaluated. State of the art video-care systems, e.g. BETAVISTA from Zydacron connect care service providers, such as hospitals, doctors, nurses and nursing homes with their patients or clients enabling daily monitoring and counsel to take place effectively. The communication hardware connects with the patient and their medical devices and retrieves the patients data from their home and transfers it to the service provider. A complete solution from the patient’s location via any available network to the service provider is offered. The concepts of the research direction of efficient, accurate and convenient information input via speech, originating from the base research projects ALSO, INSPIRATION und ROBUST are transferred and integrated into the telecare application for capturing the instructions of the service providers automatically and transferring the contained detailed information into the existing data base. Capturing detailed structured information enables on the one hand direct access to historic instructions and allows on the other hand a monitoring the input for out of range values or values of unexpected nature. Content-related aspects:

    (1) The real challenge of this project is the extension of the current system by the advanced speech enabled information input system and the connection of the recognition output to the existing information system.

    (2) Besides the very demanding capturing of the detailed structured information out of the instructions of the service providers, we have to take provisions to separate the relevant instructions from usual communication.