Signal authentication utilizing a dual frequency software-based GNSS receiver for trusted positioning (SoftGNSStrusted)

Today the accurate and safe determination of position and time information using GNSS has become an essential part in our society.  Unfortunately, the more valueable a resource becomes to our civil infrastructure the more criminals or malicious agents seek to discover and exploit weaknesses in order to disrupt legitimate users or to perpetrate fraud. While the signal authentication necessary to secure the system against such attacks is available for military and government use (depending on the GNSS system), there is no such security function for civilian applications.

The main goal of the proposed SoftGNSSTrusted project is the investigation of new algorithms for signal authentication using a software-based GNSS receiver developed within the ASAP project SoftGNSS2. Since cryptographic security is not available, authentication based on unique signal properties will be investigated in a joint effort between the SPSC, INAS , UZR, and TeleConsult Austria.



TeleConsult Austria GmbH
Institute of Navigation, Graz University of Technology
University Centre of Rottenmann (UZR)
Funding Program: 
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Research Area: 
2011 - 2012