Research Projects - Speech Communication

2018 - 2021
Cross-layer prosody models for conversational speech (FWF Elise Richter Grant V638-N33)
With currently available Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems, very good recognition performance can be obtained for read speech (word accuracies of 100 – 90%), but not for...
2015 - 2019
Speech signal processing Lab (research group)

Applied Digital signal processing for speech and audio applications (demo webpage!)...

2017 - 2019
KONDE - Kompetenznetzwerk Digitale Edition

In this project, which is funded by Higher Education Structural Funds (Hochschulraumstrukturmittel), seven university partners and three other institutions deal with theoretical and practical...

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2015 - 2018
HumanEVoice -- The Bionic Voice (FFG 849824)

The focus of HumanEVoice is the exploration of possibilities for electronic speech aids. A speech aid replaces the function of the vocal cords by generating an excitation signal by an external...

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2017 - 2018
Monitoring of Mars Isolation Crew by Speech Processing and Psychological Content Analysis (MIMIC)


2017 - 2018
Evaluation tool for plain language

More than 50% of adults in Germany have difficulties to fully comprehend information ditributed by government authorities and companies.  This lack of reading abilites excludes people from...

2012 - 2017
Cross-layer pronunciation modeling for conversational speech (FWF Hertha Firnberg Program T572)

The Problem   Automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems were originally...

2014 - 2016
CAPA - Psychological Status Monitoring by Content Analysis and Acoustic-Phonetic Analysis of Crew Talks and Video Diaries

The project aims enrich the available psychological knowledge through phonological and content analysis a variety of recorded speech samples collected at regular periods from the over-wintering...

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Concordia Station
2011 - 2014
Speaking Aid for Laryngectomized People

Some people, after suffering voice problems over a longer period of time, are confronted with the diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. While at an early stage there is a good chance of healing and being...

2012 - 2014
DIRHA - Distant-speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications

The DIRHA project addresses the development of voice-enabled automated home environments based on distant-speech interaction in different languages. A distributed microphone network is installed...

DIRHA Setting
2008 - 2013
AAP-COMET Advanced Audio Processing (FFG 815085)

 The intention of the project is to join research activities in the field of advanced audio processing. The central goal is to strengthen and augment the cooperation between academia...

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2006 - 2011
COST 2103 - Advanced Voice Function Assessment

The main objective of the Action is to combine previously unexploited techniques with new theoretical developments to improve the assessment of voice for as many European languages as possible,...

2006 - 2010
Singel Channel Source Separation

The here presented studies were carried out within the basic project Robust, part of COAST. Robust deals with robust speech pre-processing for...

2006 - 2010
ROBUST - Signal processing for robust speech quality (COAST)

A notorious challenge for automatic speech recognition is the significant decrease of recognition rates encountered under non-ideal acoustic environments. The presence of background noise or of...

2008 - 2010
ASR for Telehealth Applications (COAST)

Within this project the use of advanced speech recognition technology for telehealth or telecare applications is evaluated. State of the art video-care systems, e.g. BETAVISTA from Zydacron...

2006 - 2010
ALSO - Automatic learning and specific adaptation (COAST - Competence Network for Advanced Speech Technologies)

The main aim of the project ALSO is to expand speech recognition systems toward a speaker and paragraph-specific parametrization and automatic adaptation (of parameters), so that recognition...

2004 - 2010
Speech Watermarking for Security Applications

This poject explores security enhanced speaker verification and identification systems based on speech signal watermarking. The goal is to detect several situations where a playback speech,...

2003 - 2009
Speech Watermarking for Air Traffic Control Communication

The speech communication channel for flight control between Pilot and Tower is used to transmit additional data such as a flight number. The data should be available at the screen of the flight...

2006 - 2008
OneVoice - Speech Enhancement for Dictation Systems

Speech recording is a common practice in daily professional activities, such as for lawyers, physicians, journalists and architects, among others. The combination of dictation systems with...

2006 - 2007
Perceptual-Domain Coding of Speech and Audio

The goal of the proposed research is the development of a new and efficient source coder for speech and audio signals based on the approach of coding in the perceptual domain. In this...

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2005 - 2007
SonEnvir - Eine Sonifikationsumgebung für wissenschaftliche Daten

 SonEnvir ist ein vom steirischen Zukunftsfond gefördertes Forschungsprojekt mit dem Ziel Sonifikation und ihre Anwendungen in verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen zu...

2005 - 2006
SPARC - Semantic and Phonetic Automatic ReConstruction of Medical Dictations

The SPARC (Semantic Phonetic Automatic ReConstruction) project aims at automatically reconstructing the original...

2004 - 2006
SNOW - Services for NOmadic Workers

The SNOW project aims to support nomadic workers in their performance of maintenance and production tasks. It is developing a multimodal interface enabling workers to interactively access...

2005 - 2006
MISTRAL - Measurable intelligent and secure semantic extraction and retrieval of multimedia data

Multimedia data has a rich and complex structure in terms of inter- and intra-document references and can be an extremely valuable source of information. However, this potential is severely...

2001 - 2005
COST Action 277 - Nonlinear Speech Processing

The main objective of this Action is to improve the quality and capabilities of the voice services for telecommunication systems through the development of new nonlinear speech processing...

2001 - 2003
COMMIT Convergence in Multimedia Internet Transport

COMMIT is ftw.'s part of the EUREKA/Medea+ project INCA Integrated Copper Network Access (Medea+ project proposal number A106). Medea+ is a pan-European cooperation program to promote chip-...

Anthropomorphic Coding of Speech and Audio

Antropomorphic signal processing develops computational models of human communication modalities that emulate the physiological processes of their natural counterpart. Widely known examples...