Research Projects - Wireless Communications

2016 - 2019
Dependable Wireless Communication and Localization

Wireless communication and localization are key components of the envisioned "Internet-of-Things". However, wireless technologies suffer from physical and man-made impairments, e.g.,...

2014 - 2017
REFlex - RFID Real-Time Localization for Flexible Production Environments

The project investigates a localization system of passive RFID tags for an intelligent process control system. The real-time tracking of components, tools, and products is a key technology...

2015 - 2016
MINT - Multipath-assisted Indoor Navigation and Tracking

The project MINT investigates an RF-based localization and tracking system intended for indoor use. The method to be investigated, previously proposed by our group, exploits...

Signals over some positions with channel estimation
Predicted uncertainty of position using measurements
2011 - 2014
Signal and Information Processing in Science and Engineering - Nonlinear Dynamic and Machine Learning (SISE-NDML-II) FWF S10610-N13

The modeling, measurement, transmission, and processing of information-bearing data and signals are key constituents of any modern technical system. Driven by scalability and reliability...

2010 - 2013
NOFDM - Noncoherent Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

The aim of this project is the demonstration, validation, and evaluation of a wireless multicarrier transmission scheme that employs a novel noncoherent receiver. The receiver supports energy...

Architecture of the noncoherent multichannel autocorrelation receiver
2010 - 2013
DRAGON - Design methods for Radio Architectures GOing Nanoscale

The main idea of the DRAGON project is to research and use new design methodologies and architectural innovations, based on reconfigurability and state-of-the-art digital CMOS technology, in...

2011 - 2013
Lobster - Location Based Services für Menschenstromanalyse in Notfall- und Krisensituationen zur Unterstützung von Ersthelfern

 Within the project LOBSTER a system for analysing escaping groups of people in crisis situations in public buildings/constructions is developed. For the localisation and the analysis...

2011 - 2012
Signal authentication utilizing a dual frequency software-based GNSS receiver for trusted positioning (SoftGNSStrusted)

Today the accurate and safe determination of position and time information using GNSS has become an essential part in our society.  Unfortunately, the more valueable a resource becomes to...

2007 - 2011
PARIS - Position Aware RFID Systems

The area of passive UHF RFID is mostly a niche application for tracking of small goods. Accurate localization of tagged objects could be beneficial in numerous applications, such as warehouse and...

2008 - 2010
COMAR - Communication and Positioning Methods in Active RFID

The complexity of RFID systems has been increasing continuously. New applications are emerging, where the tags are extended by arbitrary sensors, the collection of data from low class tags, the...

2005 - 2009
PROACT - Programme for Advanced Contactless Technology

PROACT has the short-term goal to stir increased interest and cooperation in the research area of contactless identification technology. The medium-term goal is to establish Graz as a center...

2004 - 2008
EUROPCOM - Emergency Ultra-Wideband Radio for Positioning and Communications

In emergency situations, particularly within smoke filled, partially or completely collapsed large buildings, communications with rescue personnel can be difficult. Safety & co-ordination of...

2005 - 2008
CD-Laboratory for Nonlinear Signal Processing, Module E: Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Communications

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) communications is an emerging new technology for high speed data transmission systems that is expected to enable low-cost and low-power devices. Instead of a modulated...

Broadband Wireless Communications

 The anticipated convergence of wireless communications and the internet demands for ever increasing data rates on radio air-interfaces for short range indoor as well as medium to...