Guest Lecture: Bastiaan Kleijn


Bastiaan Kleijn from Victoria University of Wellington of New Zealand and TU Delft in The Netherlands will give a guest lecture about

“A Simple Model of Speech Communication and its Application to Intelligibility Enhancement"

on Thursday, May 28th, 14:15, in our Seminarroom IDEG134, Inffeldgasse 16c, ground floor.


Modern technology allows speech communication from anywhere to anywhere. With phone booths a relic of the past, speech intelligibility has become a common problem, particularly when the listener side is noisy. We will show that it is possible to enhance intelligibility in a noisy listener environment using a formal, information-theory based approach. The new paradigm leads to a family of intelligibility-enhancement algorithms, some of which resemble existing heuristically-derived methods.



Date with Time
28. May 2015 - 14:15
Seminar room IDEG 134 (Inffeldgasse 16c)