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Guest Lecture by Pavel Nikitin, Intermec Technologies

Start date/time
Fri May 6 11:30:00 2011
End date/time
Fri May 6 12:30:00 2011

“UHF RFID Technology: Past, Present, and Future”

UHF RFID is a promising AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection)
technology which has several advantages compared to conventional barcodes.
This talk will cover the history of UHF RFID, its basic operating principles
and system characteristics, and the present state of the technology
illustrated with several examples and applications. We will also discuss the
latest developments in UHF RFID, such as tag localization, some applications
beyond standard data identification, and potential future research

Pavel Nikitin is a Principal Engineer at Intermec Technologies, Everett, WA
where he is actively involved into the research, design, and development of
UHF RFID systems. He is also an affiliate faculty in Electrical Engineering
Department at University of Washington. He received the Ph.D. degree inpavel
electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2002
and worked at Ansoft, IBM, and the University of Washington. He has authored
over 60 technical publications in journals and conferences, has 4 issued and
16 pending patents.