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PhD defense Daniel Arnitz

Start date/time
Fri May 6 06:30:00 2011
End date/time
Fri May 6 08:00:00 2011
ICG Seminar Room D 3.05, Inffeldgasse 16c/II

Chairman: Univ.-Prof.Dr. L. Fickert
Examiner: Assoc.-Prof.Dr. K. Witrisal
Examiner: Prof. Dr. P. Nikitin (University of Washington)

Tag Localization in Passive UHF RFID
Tag localization in passive UHF RFID has become something of a holy grail since the system was introduced in 2005. First and foremost, it promises salvation for inventory systems, which have to deal with false positive reads and the consequent corruption of inventory lists.
This thesis addresses the problem of passive UHF RFID tag localization, with a focus on supply chain applications. It shows how typical system setups influence the propagation channel and why this creates such a harsh environment for any type of localization. Three tag localization approaches are discussed in detail: phase-based continuous-wave ranging, frequency-modulation continuous-wave ranging, and ultra-wideband impulse radar.