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Presentation: Self-Localization in the ALARP Project

Start date/time
Fri Mar 11 12:00:00 2011
End date/time
Fri Mar 11 13:00:00 2011
seminar room IDEG134

Speaker: Mingming Gan (FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien)

Abstract:Safety of railway workers is a serious concern for most industrialized countries, because they are facing very high risks. Railway worksites operate typically without train service interruptions. Hence, an automatic track warning system is needed to (i) warn the workers of an approaching train and (ii) indicate to the workers where the safe area adjacent to their worksite is located. Solving both of these tasks are the core research goals of the ALARP project. FTW is mainly focused on the mobile terminal algorithm design for self-localization. In ALARP the positioning accuracy should be about 10 cm. We plan to use a differential global positioning system (DGPS) setup for outside areas. Cooperative positioning will be investigated for enclosed environments like tunnels. In the presentation, I will give an introduction about the ALARP project and two possibly research direction for positioning methods in ALARP as well as in the national research network “Signal and Information Processing in Science and Engineering” (NFN SISE).