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Guest lecture by Simon Haykin: Cognitive Risk Control

Start date/time
Mon Nov 9 09:00:00 2015
End date/time
Mon Nov 9 10:15:00 2015
Lecture Hall i11, Inffeldgasse 16b, basement

Prof. Simon Haykin from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada will be visiting the SPSC lab. He will deliver a guest lecture entitled “Cognitive Risk Control”.


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For the early years after graduation, his research program was focused on Adaptive Signal Processing for radar and radio. Then, he spent more of his time on Neural Networks and Learning Machines, which paved the way to focus his entire research program on the CDS with pioneering applications in radar, control, and radio. Needless to say, this new way of thinking has become his research passion.

Professor Haykin is a Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and the recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Technology from ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. He is also a recipient of many medals from within Canada, the United States, and Europe.