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Guest Lecture by Marko Hiipakka, Aalto University/Helsinki

Start date/time
Mon May 30 10:30:00 2011
End date/time
Mon May 30 12:00:00 2011
Seminarraum IDEG134, Inffeldgasse 16c, EG

Marko Hiipakka from the group of Helsinki/Aalto University will visit our lab on Monday, 30.5.2011.

At 12:30, in Seminarraum IDEG134, Inffeldgasse 16c, EG, he will give a talk (45min) cover following topics:

Part 1: Spatial Sound research at Aalto University (Helsinki) and Directional Audio coding (DirAC).

  • Non-linear signal-dependent time-frequency-domain reproduction of spatial sound (Directional audio coding DirAC)
  • Pressure-velocity measurements in ear
  • Spatial sound perceptual tests
  • Binaural modeling
  • Audio-visual testing in surrounding display
  • Applications of spatial audio techniques in audiology

Part 2: Modeling and measuring the external ear acoustics for binaural