Multi-channel Classification of Lung Sounds

PhD Student 
Research Area
Auscultation is the act of listening to the sounds of internal organs. It is an effective non-invasive clinical tool to monitor the respiratory system. Since more than 200 years the stethoscope is used for auscultation. The inherent inter-listener variability and the recent technical advances yield to an increased interest in computer-aided lung sound research.
The goal of this thesis is to develop a computer-aided analysis system for a non-invasive diagnostic of lung diseases. The main tasks are
  • the development of a suitable multichannel lung sound recording system,
  • the recording of a multi-channel lung sound database,
  • and the classification of lung sounds with focus on deep neural networks.
This research project is a cooperation with the Division of Thoracic and Hyperbaric Surgery of the Medical University of Graz.
The figure shows our recently developed 16-channel electronic stethoscope, realized as a foam pad with several lung sound transducers.
This thesis is supervised by Franz Pernkopf.