Live Demo at IEEE RFID 2012

During a presentation given by Prof. Mitsugi at IEEE RFID 2012 I recreated one of his measurements. The talk was very interesting, so I did not want to spend a lot of time not listening, and naturally I did not have details about the setup and had to guess a lot, did not have the correct antenna gain pattern, and so on ... in short, the results are not perfect (partly because the colormaps are different), but nonetheless convincingly similar. Here's a comparison:

The scenario can be found in mfcw_gate3d.m; it's called 'live-rfid12'. The setup took about 3 minutes, simulation time is just a few seconds. Thanks to Prof. Mitsugi for allowing me to post contents of his slides here!

Measurements in a Corridor (Industrial)

The first high-resolution comparison of the frameworks channel models to measurements has been a huge success. Here is a video of the wave propagation comparing simulation to measurement (bold lines in the floor plan are highly reflective surfaces). The difference between simulation and measurement for the reflected waves is caused by clutter objects and large metal conduits in front of the reflecting surfaces. Considering how simple the channel model really is, the similarity is striking...


Measurements in a UHF Warehouse Portal (Industrial)

In May 2010, extensive measurements in a warehouse portal have been conducted (see picture below). As a sneak preview, videos of the wave propagation can already be downloaded for

sim-rfid12_presentation-prof-mitsugi.jpg25.48 KB