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Artificial Bandwidth-Extension with Sum-Product Networks

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    This package performs training and inference for ABE, using an HMM/SPN-model as described in [1]. It is based on Matlab, but calls C++ binaries for training and inference of SPNs. The core routine for training is the Poon & Domingos algorithm for training SPNs [2], which was ported to C++ here.

    By downloading and using this package you agree to the terms in the file LICENSE.txt.

    [1] R. Peharz, G. Kapeller, P. Mowlaee and F. Fernkopf, “Modeling Speech with Sum-Product Networks: Application to Bandwidth Extension”, ICASSP, 2014. [2] H. Poon and P. Domingos, “Sum-product networks: A new deep architecture”, UAI, 2011, pp. 337–346.