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UWB Indoor Channel Experimental Data

Research Areas

The MeasureMINT (MINT stands for multipath-assisted indoor navigation and tracking) database contains position-resolved ultra-wideband channel measurements for several different indoor environments. These measurement campaigns were conducted to allow for an evaluation of the MINT indoor localization scheme, but may be of use for any research topic dealing with indoor radio propagation. Measurements were obtained either with a vector network analyzer, hence they are available as frequency domain channel transfer functions, or with an M-sequence radar device, hence time-domain signals are available directly.

Measurement Documentation

A documentation of all the measurement campaigns and scenarios is available here.

Frequency Domain Measurements (Vector Network Analyzer)

Overview over the available campaigns:

Time Domain Measurements (M-sequence Radar)

Overview over the available campaigns:

Propagation videos

A video example of the grid measurements in our corridor, showing the measured UWB signals together with the expected specular multipath components is available on Youtube:

Bandwidth 5 GHz:

Bandwidth 500 MHz:

Tracking Videos

Two video examples for multipath-assisted tracking in the seminarroom scenario at a bandwidth of 2 GHz are also available:

Using only a single anchor:

Using two anchors:

Obtaining the files and license

This database is available on request for any interested researcher. Please contact and we will arrange to send you the database files. You are free to use this database for your own research. If you do so, please refer to it as:

P. Meissner, E. Leitinger, S. Hinteregger, J. Kulmer, M. Lafer, K. Witrisal: MeasureMINT UWB database, Graz University of Technology, 2013, available at: