Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory

GRASS - Orthographic Transcription

This article is part of GRASS: the Graz corpus of Read And Spontaneous Speech.

Below you’ll find some examples from the database. For the audio there is also a corresponding segemenation as Praat text grid. The audio file is downsampled to 16kHz.

Attachment Size
001M_FM1_BE_003.wav 398.48 KB
001M_BE_003.stg 692 bytes
001M_HM1_BE_003.wav 398.48 KB
001M_SC_006.stg 150 bytes
001M_SC_006.wav 99.85 KB
001M_SC_008.stg 144 bytes
001M_SC_008.wav 95.36 KB
001M002M_HM2_HM1_CS_001.wav 1.31 MB
001M002M_HM2_HM1_CS_001.txt 1.07 KB

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