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  • Gerhard Graber


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unorderd list

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • itme 3
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odered list

  1. item
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  4. item: take a look to the Previewmarkdown window

#### links

put the highlighted text in square brackets and the link in round brackets:
example 1 for a link to the SPSC-HP
example 2 for a link to the course Digitale Audiotechnik

#### tables

Date Time Place Topic
20.6.2019 15:00 -16:00 Seminarraum, Inffeldgasse 12, Raum HF01092 1. Presentation
26.6.2019 15:00 -16:00 Seminarraum, Inffeldgasse 12, Raum HF01092 2. Presentation


to embed a grafic or an image the following steps are necessary:

  • upload the image to ‘collections/assets/’ (–> open the menue at assets and choose ‘upload File’)
  • go to the image file, open the menue, select “Rename” and copy the whole Path to the clipboard
  • paste the image path within the round brackets in the next line

    or with alternative text

uploading pdf-files

small pdf-files (up to 3 MB): to embed small pdf-files uploaded the desired pdf to the static-directory. Getting the link is the same procedure as getting the link for an image.
example: short information about DIRHA you find here

large pdf-files (> 3 MB): to embed large pdf-files upload the desired pdf to the ‘download’-project.

  • go to
  • select the ‘Website / Download’ project
  • select the ‘download’-directory
  • for uploading a thesis select the ‘thesis’-directory (or make a new directory if you hav some other pdf)
  • choose ‘Upload file’
  • and drag and drop the desired pdf and press ‘Upload file’
  • For embeding this file the link is:<filename>
    example: the thesis about Helmholtz-resonators you can download here

her is the thesis from Rudolf Brunnader