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Vibration Analysis and Classification

Master Thesis
Announcement date
27 Apr 2015
Research Areas

Vibration analysis of a gunning jet is a promising new technique to
analyze the jet and to find its optimal configuration with respect to
several parameters.

Tasks of Thesis:

  • Setup experiments at a company
  • Analyse the recorded signals in time- and frequency domain and
    extract features.
  • Classify the jet according to the features into several categories.


  • Very good knowledge of signal processing techniques
  • Good knowledge of machine learning
  • Very good programming skills: Octave (Matlab), C+

Additional Remarks:
As this work combines aspects of non-standard methods, very good signal
processing and machine learning skills are advantageous. Furthermore, a
good programming background is mandatory. This thesis is planned for a
duration of 6 months starting immediately.

This thesis is in collaboration with a company and funding for a
successful completion of the work is available.