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Synthesis of disordered voices

Master Thesis
Announcement date
08 Oct 2018
Research Areas

Short description:

Descriptions of voice quality aid the clinical diagnosis of voice disorders. Plenty of delimited physical phenomena may be identified in disordered voice, but state-of-the-art clinical voice quality descriptors are still little specific today. Aim of the project is to tackle this problem by synthesizing exemplars of disordered voice sounds of sustained phonations. Your tasks will be to review the literature, to perform experiments and to document the work. Optionally, you will produce a publication for a scientific conference and/or journal.

Your tasks:

  • Literature review
  • Experimental work (PD or MATLAB)
  • Documentation

Your profile:

  • Good skills in ear training and analytic hearing
  • Very good skills in signal processing and speech communication
  • Very good programming skills in PD and/or MATLAB
  • Good English and LaTex skills


Philipp Aichinger ( or 01/40400 11670)

Martin Hagmüller (


A. Farnell, Designing sound. London: Applied Scientific Press, 2008.