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High-Accuracy Indoor Localization Exploiting Multipath

Master Thesis
Announcement date
06 Mar 2015
Research Areas

Short Description

Highly accurate and robust indoor positioning is still an unsolved challenge. Given the convincing performance and wide-spread availability of the satellite-borne Global Positioning System (GPS) for outdoors, one would expect that an indoor localization systems is relatively easy to implement. However, such technology is still an active area of research, due to the challenging physical propagation channel conditions it is facing. Signals getting reflected from walls and other objects—so-called multipath components—will make the range information in the line-of-sight signal useless, if it can be detected at all. At the SPSC Lab, we have been investigating this problem over the past years. We made significant progress towards solving this problem by making use of the reflected multipath components in stead of suffering from them [1]. This thesis project will implement simulation models to support the development and deployment of such technology.

Your tasks:

  • Integration of geometry-based signal models into an existing Matlab simulation framework
  • Paramterization and validation of these models using (existing) measurement data
  • Testing and evaluation of localization algorithms on these models

Your Profile

  • Motivation and reliability are a prerequisite
  • Good background in wireless communications (e.g. Mobile Radio Systems course)


[1] P. Meissner, E. Leitinger, M. Froehle and K. Witrisal, “Accurate and Robust Indoor Localization Systems Using Ultra-wideband Signals,” in _European Conference on Navigation (ENC),_Vienna, 2013.