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Automatic Transcription of Analog Space Missions

Master Thesis
Announcement date
28 May 2018
Research Areas

Short description

AMADEE-18We are involved in two projects that are investigating how psychological challenges during space missions can be detected by automatic analysis of communication behavior. We have recorded large amounts of data of group conversations at the Concordia research station in the Antarctica and the AMADEE-18 analog Mars mission in the desert of Oman. The conversation data should be analyzed by a team of psychologists. To make the job easier for them we want to separate the speakers on the recordings and provide them with an automatic transcription. The later is the talk of this project. You will need to perform automatic distant speech recognition on accented English with different first languages. The final system should do automatic evaluation of the communication behaviour, based on conversation behaviour.

Tasks (depending on specific project):

  • Review of literature and potential approaches for accented english
  • Choose and implement the most promising approach.
  • Evaluation of results
  • Documentation

Concordia Station

Your Profile/Prerequisites

  • Motivation and interest in the topic
  • Background in Automatic Speech Recognition
    (e.g. completed Speech Communication 2)
  • Some experience with the Linux command line
  • Teams are very welcome


Martin Hagmüller ( or 0316/873 4377)