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SPSC goes Mars

Fri, Jun 02, 2017

SPSC takes part in the Mars Simulation AMADEE-18 in the desert of Oman.

The SPSC led experiment Mon itoring of Mars Isolation Crew by Speech Processing and Psychological Content Analysis (MiMIC) has been choosen to be carried out in the AMADEE-2018 Analog Mars Mission organized by the Austrian Space Forum

The aim of the experiment is to gain further understanding of the mechanisms of psychological and physiological adaptation or maladaptation in extreme or stressful environments through computerized analysis of speech and the content of spoken and written verbal communication. We also aim at the improvement of the data collection and analysis methods developed in previous studies and prove their applicability in an operational environment.

Data collection and analysis will include standardized speech samples and regular crew diaries, voice recording during crew meetings and communication between Mars and Earth. The communication channel suffers from a simulated travel time of 10 minutes. Meaning the Mars crew has to wait 20 min for an answer.

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