Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory

Recording Studio Documentation

The SPSC’s recording studio consists of two control rooms (RP1 and RP2) and one recording room (AR).

Interconnections between these rooms are explained on the first pages of the tutorial.

For an almost complete listing of available hardware please take a look at the equipment subpage.

Control Room 1

The heart of this control room is represented by a LAWO mc² audio processing and routing system consisting of a NOVA73 HD Core performing the routing and audio signal processing (equipped with three DSP-Boards), a mc² 66 mixing desk as control surface in a 16+8+8 frame configuration and a fully integrated Plugin Server running VST Plugins like Altiverb and most common Waves Platinum Plugins.

Multitrack recording as well as extensive editing capabilities are provided by an Intel i7 based digital audio workstation.

Everything from the system structure, over cabling and the basic usage of the sytem as far as functions for advanced mixing techniques and timecode based automation is described in the tutorial.

For most recording and mixing situations we recommend to use the console with “SETUP 01” preset as explained in the tutorial. In this preset the whole system is configured to act as a 56 channel inline console. Routing from the Recording Room as well as to the DAW and the AVIOM personal monitoring system is preconfigured.

Excellent monitoring is provided by a pair of PMC IB2-CH speakers and a pair of industry standard Genelec 1032. Both with processing for linear frequency response.

Control Room 2

There is a tutorial prepared for you to give you information on how to set up the 5.1 Surround Speakers and the soundcard and to get you started with your MAGIX Samplitude surroundsound mixing project or your Sony Vegas film project.

This document is also available here as electronic document and as a hardcopy directly in control room 2.