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Austrian German Dialogue System

Master Thesis
Announcement date
21 Sep 2020
Research Areas

Short Description

At the SPSC, we are currently building up an automatic speech recognition system for Austrian German and we will further adapt it to conversational speech. For this purpose, only recently we recorded read and conversational speech from 40 Austrian speakers. The aim of the proposed master thesis is to integrate these new materials and tools for Austrian German into a Dialogue system. Since there does not exist a running dialogue system for Austrian German yet, big part of the work is to make a review of available training data and to test tools for implementing such a system. Ideally, two students work on this topic in the same semester. The final goal is to have a first prototype of a running dialogue system for Austrian German.

Your Tasks

  • Review of literature
  • Choose a system setup
  • Implement a voice dialog prototype
  • Documentation

Your Requirements

  • Motivation and interest in the topic
  • Speech communication background
  • Recommended: Automatic Speech Recognition (VO, SS 2020)
  • Recommended: Spoken language in human and human computer dialogue (VU, SS 2020)