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Coronavirus Containment Procedure

Wed, Mar 11, 2020

According to the information published by our rectorate on the webpage regarding the coronavirus containment at TU Graz (see Coronavirus: Informationen für Angehörige der TU Graz), we have to abide to the following strict regulation:

“Alle Lernzentren und Lernbereiche werden seitens der TU Graz gesperrt.”

Therefore, and with immediate effect, I have to ask you that you must not work in the various shared work/lab spaces of SPSC, like the Tonlabor (Inffeldgasse 12, room HFK1028) or the DSP lab (Inffeldgasse 16, rooms IEEG172 and IEEG180). Please relocate your activities to your home until the end of the Easter break (April 19) or until you will receive further notice from us or the rectorate. Please spread the word to your colleagues as well, as this measure concerns the health of all of us.

Finally, the same strict lock-out regulation applies to the public work desks in our corridors such as on the ground floors of Inffeldgasse 16c or Inffeldgasse 12. If you encounter other students in these areas, please inform them about the situation and the strict requirement to clear these spaces without delay.