Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory

Recording Studio Reservation

It is possible to use the studio for ‘free practice’ in connection with a lecture or laboratory to deepen acquired knowledge. We do not charge for ‘free practice’!

In order to book the studio for your own recording projects you are required to have passed all of the following laboratories:

Depending on the recordings purpose and the nature of the involved people we might ask for a recompense for the studios use.

How to book

Check the booking status of Control Room 1 online and send an e-mail containing the following information to Prof. Graber

With 07th of July 2011 the studios main door is equipped with an electronic lock. Therefore it’s possible to access the studio at any time you like provided that you hold a TUGcard (students enroled at KUG are required to get a TUGcard at the TUG’s registration office).

When booking you have to confirm that you will stick to the studios usage policy and that you are familiar with the use of the electronic locking system.

If your browser fails to open the direct link to the calender of Control Room 1 please go to TUGonline and search for ‘RP1’ in the search/rooms menu, then choose tab calendar.