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Previous Exams for the Lecture Course "Adaptive Systems"

This site will be regularily updated, i.e., most probably one of the six exams during an academic year will be published here. Note, however, that the collection of exam problems is not exhaustive, which means that you should prepare also for examples you won’t find in this collection, e.g., using the Adaptive Systems Problem Class Handout (latest version).

Date Exam
03.07.2006 PDF
25.11.2006 PDF
24.03.2007 PDF
03.07.2007 PDF
16.05.2008 PDF
15.12.2008 PDF
29.05.2009 PDF
15.03.2010 PDF
17.12.2010 PDF
25.03.2011 PDF
04.07.2011 PDF
26.09.2011 PDF
02.07.2012 PDF
23.09.2013 PDF
11.07.2014 PDF
02.02.2015 PDF
20.05.2016 PDF
30.06.2017 PDF
29.06.2018 PDF
22.03.2019 PDF