Vibration Analysis for Adjustment and Monitoring of a Waste Shredder

Project Type: Master/Diploma Thesis
Student: Schmauder Christoph


 Aim of this work is the development of suitable algorithms for the adjustment and supervision of a waste shredder. On the one hand the optimal adjustment of the cutting gap has to be found automatically to guarantee an efficient machine throughput, on the other hand possibilities for continuous machine monitoring have to be studied to prevent damage due to destructive parts at the input of the machine. Vibration analysis provides signals which represent the different operating states of the machine. The adjustment of the cutting gap is executed once at the beginning when putting the machine into operation whereas the detection of damage causing parts shall be carried out permanently. The first section of the work covers the evaluation and analysis of the signals for relevant characteristics. This part is implemented in Matlab. The second section presents the implementation of two "real time" prototypes using LabView. The first one ensures the adjustment of the cutting gap by an interactive graphical user interface and the second one implies the detection of contraries during machine operation. Here the main focus lies on the optimization of the parameters.