Ultrasonic Inspection System

Project Type: Student Project, Master/Diploma Thesis
Project Status: Open

Short Description

The application of inspection systems and 3D reconstruction inside of cavities and pipes is an important aspect in many practical applications. Harsh environments (fog, smog, soot) limit the application of optical systems (laser, computer vision,...). Ultrasonic measurements are less corrupted and can still be applied in such scenarios. By transmitting and receiving short ultrasonic pulse-waves, structures of varying sice are reconstructed according to the arrival time of echos. However, the structures under observation often lead to multiple echos; this and other distortions reduce the effective range resolution and introduce artifacts in the reconstruction.
Furthermore, irrelevant echo pulses shall be canceled, by considering multiple measurements. Finally the algorithm developed will be applied to various real-world-measurements to evaluate the quality of the reconstruction.

Your Tasks

  • Literature survey: 3D-reconstruction using time of flight measurements
  • Development of robust algorithms for scenarios with multiple echos
  • Performance evaluation in practical applications

Your Profile

  • Motivation and interest in the topic
  • Good knowledge in signal processing and system modeling
  • Good knowledge in Matlab or Python programming



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