Exploration of unknown terrain

Project Type: Student Project, Master/Diploma Thesis
Project Status: Open
Mentor: Josef Kulmer

In recent times new technologys, enabling accurate localization of unmanned vehicles, have emerged in commercially available sectors. These technologys foster cooperative sensing of the radio frequency and or acoustic environment in order to ensure a position accuracy in sub meter range [1]. Future applications like autonomous driving rely heavily on accurate positioning of the involved participants. In this context, we seek for cooperative algorithms where the participants share their position information among their neighboring vehicles in order to improve both robustness and accuracy.

Your task: literature review and implementation of highly accepted cooperative localization algorithms. Analysis and comparison regarding their accuracy, robustness as well as computational complexity using real measurement data.

Requirements: Interest in signal processing and linear algebra. Basic knowledge of numeric software (like Matlab) is recommended but not required.

[1] https://dspace.mit.edu/openaccess-disseminate/1721.1/67368