Evalution platform for sigma-delta-modulators

Project Type: Master/Diploma Thesis
Student: Halper Christian


 Oversampled analog-to-digital(A/D) conversion based on sigma-delta-modulation has gained increasing popularity. Sigma-Delta-modulation provides a noise shaping property that permits the use of coarse quantization only requiring robust components which are largely insensitive to component mismatch. The first part of this diploma thesis describes the principles of Sigma-Delta-modulation as well as different architectures. First we talk about the signal conversion technique. Then we will discuss oversampling and noise-shaping on the basis of simple models. Finally an introduction into multirate digital signal processing will be given. Especially we will discuss decimationnfilters in detail. The second part focuses on the investigation of an evalution platform for Sigma-Delta-modulators. On the one hand it was necessary to design different boards and on the other hand an implementation of a decimation filter inside an FPGA was developed. Finally a Sigma-Delta-modulator of fifth order was characterized.