Architectural Acoustics - Design and Evaluation of an Acoustic Poster Board

Project Type: Student Project
Project Status: Open

How it should NOT be done...

Project description:

Conference posters are usually presented in large halls with poor room acoustics. As a consequence, the sound level is very high and speech inteligiblity not sufficient. In most cases poster boards are sound hard and not designed for acoustic purposes (see fig., how it sould not be done). The aim of this project is to design a poster board that is absorptive to reduce reverberation time and the form should be optimized to decrease sound transmission to neighboring boards.

The project involves design, construction and evaluation of the board with simulation tools like Soundplan and measurements in the reverberation chamber. It is expected to collaborate with students from the faculty of architecture, therefore the project will be a great opportunity to work in an intersiciplinary field.

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