The Research of SPSC Lab addresses fundamental and applied research problems in five scientific areas:

The interrelationship of the five scientific areas can be best explained with the example of modern communication terminal devices such as smart phones etc. Wireless communications provides access from the device to the communications network infrastructure. Speech communication provides a natural interface modality between the device and the human user. For the efficient realization and implementation, technologies such as nonlinear signal processing systems are needed. And to turn a plain communications terminal into a smart device, intelligent systems research provides the additional functionalities such semantic signal interpretation and identification, localization, and tracking of both the user and the device. At university level, SPSC Lab contributes to the Field of Expertise Information, Computing, and Communications Technologies ICCT which is the largest out of five fields defining the research profile of Graz University of Technology. The backbone of our strategic research is found in several long-term Research Programs where SPSC Lab often takes a leadership role. These programs extend over 4 or more years and are embedded into strategic partnerships, often supported by substantial third-party funding from private and public sources. The research programs are complemented by shorter-term research projects and by PhD theses research.