Visiting Lecture Course: Signal processing, phonetic analysis automation and Praat scripting


Francesco Cangemi give a guest lecture about “Signal processing, phonetic analysis automation and Praat scripting" starting on Monday, April 27th, 16:00, in the STUD.EDV-RAUM 2 (IEEG180), Inffeldgasse 16/EG.


The aim of this course is to provide a brief overview on how actual research in experimental linguistics is planned and executed. We will retrace the steps behind an interdisciplinary study which uses experimental synchronic evidence (a nonce word reading task) in order to support mechanisms invoked in diachronic reconstructions (lexical contamination and phonological analogy). The findings have implications on the storage of linguistic knowledge (the nature of the mental lexicon) and on the notion of categoriality as used in linguistics. We will focus on the planning of the study and the collection, processing and analysis of data. In the process, we will introduce the basic aspects of various tools for phonetic research, including Perceval (presentation of stimuli), Praat (phonetic analyses), ASSI (forced alignment), R (plotting and statistical analyses).

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For more information have a look at the course webpage here.

4. October 2016 - 13. December 2016