Visiting Lecture Course: Everything you always wanted to know about gender, nature and technology ...

... but were afraid to ask: An introduction to Gender Studies in STEM

 Corinna Bath from TU Braunschweig, will give a guest lecture:

In this course the role of gender and other categories of unequality in natural sciences and technology will be investigated. Commonly technologies and scientific results are figured as neutral. They are, however, often developed in homosocial groups dominated by specific masculinities. This raises the question, how this affects the products and methods of scientific research and engineering development. Are gender, social inequality, culture and self-conceptions of designers and engineers inscribed into facts and artifacts, as well as into their underlying problem definitions and methods? Are scientific results influenced by sociocultural contexts? What role do professional and organizational cultures play? How may biases and exclusions be avoided with respect to these dimensions? 

No previous knowledge is necessary, only interest in the topic and curiosity. 

For more information have a look at the course webpage and if you are interested please register at TUGonline.

The second elective subject at TU Graz is:

Are algorithms neutral? Gender and de-gendering of computational artifacts

Additional information: here.

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4. October 2016 - 13. December 2016