Special Issue Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication

Exernal Contact: 
Rahim Saeidi
Yannis Stylianou

 Pejman MowlaeeRahim Saeidi and Yannis Stylianou have proposed special issue entiteld "Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication" to EURASIP Speech Communication. The detailed information about this special issue is alive at EURASIP website. Further information about the important deadlines and aims and scope of this special issue is available on Elsevier website  


[1] P. Mowlaee, R. Saeidi, Y. Stylianou "INTERSPEECH 2014 Special Session on Phase Importance in Speech Processing , 15th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, Singapore [Link|Paper].

[2] P. Mowlaee, R. Saeidi, Y. Stylianou "Recent Advances in Phase-Aware Signal Processing for Speech Communication, Elsevier Speech Communication, in Press [Link|Paper].

26. November 2014