Speaker Recognition, Information Theory, Phonetic Analysis, Convex Optimization


 The SPSC will organize several guest lectures this semester. If you are interested, detailed Information will be presented on our webpage.

This is a short overview:

Dr. Rahim Saeidi:

442.233 Speaker Recognition: Principles and Practicalities (Beginn: 

11.2.15: 10 h, SR IDEG134)

Dr. Holger Fröning:

442.231 GPU Computing (Beginn 9.3.15, 14.00 h EDV-Lernzentrum 

Inffeldgasse, Lehrsaal I, SZ01070)

Dr. G. Kramer:

442.234 (VO) Advanced Information Theory + 442.235 (UE) Advanced 

Information Theory (Beginn 16.3.15, 9.00 h, SR IDEG134)

Dr. F. Cangemi:

442.230 Signal processing, phonetic analysis automation and Praat 

scripting (Beginn 27.4.15, 16.00 h, STUD.EDV-RAUM 2, IEEG180)

DDr. Bastiaan Kleijn:

442.232 Convex Optimization (Beginn 18.5.15, 9.00 h, SR IDEG134)



11. February 2015 - 22. May 2015