INTERSPEECH2014 special session on Phase Importance in Speech Processing Applications

Exernal Contact: 
Rahim Saeidi
Yannis Stylianou

 Pejman MowlaeeRahim Saeidi and Yannis Stylianou have proposed special session entiteld "Phase Importance in Speech Processing Applications" to INTERSPEECH 2014 in Singapore. The detailed information about the special session is availble here Link. In [1] we present an overview on why speech phase spectrum has been neglected in the conventional techniques used in different applications including speech enhancement and source separation. Furthermore, a detailed overview on recent progress in speech enhancement and source separation is presented.




[1] P. Mowlaee, R. Saeidi, Y. Stylianou "INTERSPEECH 2014 Special Session on Phase Importance in Speech Processing , 15th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, Singapore [Link | Paper].

14. February 2014