Arrive by car

Take the motorway exit "Graz-Ost". Pass the first traffic light and turn at the 2nd junction to right in direction "Münzgrabenstraße". Follow this road and turn right into "Sandgasse".

Road to SPSC

In the middle of the road (after about 300 m) there is a gate on the right hand side. From this gate you already can see the concrete buildings. Ring the bell there and contact the janitor. He will open the gate so that you can enter the area with your car. Park your car somewhere at the area in the near of the grey concrete buildings.

Map Inffeldgasse 16

GPS coordinates for Inffeldgasse 16c:

Longitude: 15°27'46,2" (= 15° 27,77)

Latitude: 47°3'27,6" (=47°3,46)