PhD Theses

Completed PhD Theses

PhD Student Completed:
Harald Enzinger Behavioral Modeling and Digital Predistortion of Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers 6. March 2018
Karl Freiberger Measurement Methods for Estimating the Error Vector Magnitude in OFDM Transceivers 30. November 2017
Hannes Pessentheiner Localization, Characterization, and Tracking of Harmonic Sources: With Applications to Speech Signal Processing 3. February 2017
Erik Leitinger Cognitive Indoor Positioning and Tracking using Multipath Channel Information 22. January 2016
Anna Katharina Fuchs Speech Enhancement of Electro-Larynx Speech 14. August 2015
Philipp Aichinger Diplophonic Voice: Definitions, models, and detection 7. January 2015
Paul Meissner Multipath-Assisted Indoor Positioning 22. December 2014
Sebastian Tschiatschek Maximum Margin Bayesian Networks 22. September 2014
Bernhard Geiger Information Theory for Signal Processing 13. June 2014
Andreas Pedroß-Engel Generalized Noncoherent Ultra-Wideband Receivers 5. June 2014
Christina Leitner Kernel PCA and Pre-Image Iterations for Speech Enhancemen 26. July 2013
Thomas Buchgraber Distributed Sparse Bayesian Regression in Wireless Sensor Networks 22. April 2013
Thang Huynh Viet Efficient Floating-Point Implementation of Speech Processing Algorithms on Reconfigurable Hardware 17. July 2012
Michael Wohlmayr Probabilistic Model-Based Multiple Pitch Tracking of Speech 7. May 2012
Daniel Arnitz Complex Baseband Modeling and Digital Predistortion for Wideband RF Power Amplifiers 1. January 2012
Michael Soudan Low Complexity Correction Structures for Time-Varying Systems 24. November 2011
Tania Habib Auditory Inspired Methods for Multiple Speaker Localization and Tracking Using a Circular Microphone Array 28. July 2011
Daniel Arnitz Position Aware RFID Systems 6. May 2011
Katharina Hausmair Signal Processing for Burst‐Mode RF Transmitter Architectures 28. February 2011
Thomas Gigl Low-Complexity Localization using Standard-Compliant UWB Signals 22. November 2010
Shahzad Saleem Adaptive Calibration of Frequency Response MIsmatches in Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters 29. September 2010
Michael Stark Source-Filter Model Based Single Channel Speech Separation 24. March 2010
Stefan Petrik Phonetic Similarity Matching of Non-Literal Transcripts in Automatic Speech Recognition 17. December 2009
Stefan Mendel Signal Processing in Phase-Domain All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops 21. October 2009
Martin Hagmüller Speech Enhancement for Disordered and Substitution Voices 13. August 2009
Li Gan Adaptive Digital Predistortion of Nonlinear Systems 23. June 2009
Konrad Hofbauer Speech Watermarking and Air Traffic Control 3. March 2009
Dmytro Shutin Multipath Tracking and Prediction for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Wireless Channels 11. December 2008
Jimmy Wono Tampubolon Baringbing Low Complexity Ultra-wideband (UWB) Communication Systems in Presence of Multiple-Access Interference 3. December 2008
Yohannes Demessie Alemseged Modeling and Mitigation of Narrowband Interference for Non-Coherent UWB Systems 28. February 2008
Christoph Krall Signal Processing for Ultra Wideband Transceivers 7. February 2008
Jacobus Romme UWB Channel Fading Statistics and Transmitted Reference Communication 6. February 2008
Sawar Muhammad Esahn Variable Delay Speech Communication over Packet-Switched Networks 10. October 2007
Pham Van Tuan Wavelet Analysis For Robust Speech Processing and Applications 16. February 2007
Michael Pucher Semantic Similarity in Automatic Speech Recognition for Meetings 3. January 2007
Florian Hammer Quality Aspects of Packet-Based Interactive Speech Communication 26. June 2006
Peter Singerl Complex Baseband Modeling and Digital Predistortion for Wideband RF Power Amplifiers 4. June 2006
David Schwingshackl Digital Enhancement and Multirate Processing Methods for Nonlinear Mixed Signal Systems 16. December 2005
Christian Feldbauer Sparse Pulsed Auditory Representations For Speech and Audio Coding 23. September 2005
Christian Vogel Modeling, Identification, and Compensation of Channel Mismatch Errors in Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters 28. January 2005
Heinz Köppl Nonlinear System Identification for Mixed Signal Processing 20. January 2004
Michael Baum Improving automatic speech recognition for pluricentric languages exemplified on varieties of German 3. June 2003