Barbara Schuppler

In Press
Griesser, D., & Schuppler B. (2014).  Wie Österreichisch auch für Software verständlicher wird. Der Standard. Forschung Spezial -- Journal für Wissenschaft, Technologie und Entwicklung.
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Schuppler, B., Hagmüller M., Morales-Cordovilla J. A., & Pessentheiner H. (2014).  GRASS: The Graz Corpus of Read and Spontaneous Speech. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14). 1465-1470. Abstract
Schuppler, B. (2014).  How extra-linguistic factors affect pronunciation variation in different speaking styles. Abstract accepted at 22nd Czech-German Workshop on Speech Communication. 31-32.
Gubian, M., Schuppler B., van Doremalen J., Sanders E., & Boves L. (2009).  Novelty Detection as a Tool for Automatic Detection of Orthographic Transcription Errors. Proceedings of the13-th International Conference on Speech and Computer SPECOM-2009. 509 - 514. Download: gubian.2009.1.pdf (191.84 KB)
Schuppler, B., van Doremalen J., Scharenborg O., Cranen B., & Boves L. (2009).  Using Temporal Information for Improving Articulatory-Acoustic Feature Classification. 2009 IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition&Understanding. 70 - 75. Download: